Best American Standard Toilet — Reviews & Buying Guide

Best American Standard Toilet — Reviews & Buying Guide

American Standard as we know it has been on the market since 1967 and remains one of the most well-known toilet manufacturers to this day.

Its toilets are famous for their simple design, impressive flushing technologies, and various color palettes that can match any bathroom interior.

But how do you know their toilets may work for you?


You thoroughly read or guide and choose one of the best American Standard toilets we included in it, based on user preference and our experience.

Quick Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best Choice — Best for Quiet Operation

3rd Best Choice — Best for Small Bathrooms

American Standard 2886218.020 H2OptionAmerican Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4American Standard 2403128.222 Compact Cadet
  • One of the best flushing systems;
  • Has a WaterSense certification
  • 4-inch wide trapway for an effortless waste elimination;
  • comes with a soft-close lid
  • Flo-Wise technology helps save up to 33,000 gallons per year for an average family;
  • perfect fit for small bathrooms

American Standard Toilets Lineup

Today, American Standard can offer you an impressive range of toilet units that are available in different collections. A lot of best-selling options made by American Standard typically fall in one of these lineups:

  • Champion. Champion toilets are the champions of flushing. They typically have a wider trapway (3-inch or -inch) and use a single-flush system with 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Cadet. These can be both single-flush (1.28 GPF) and dual-flush (0.9/1.28 GPF), and come in Standard and compact options with a round or elongated bowl. Cadet toilets are among the most universal, and if you want to find a unit that will most certainly fit your bathroom, you can give them a look.
  • H2Option. The brand’s absolute best-seller, according to the American Standard toilet reviews we’ve found. These models feature a dual-flush system (0.9/1.28GPF) and are incredibly quiet and easy to maintain. 
  • VorMax. VorMax is one of the latest flushing technology introduced by American Standard. It creates a standard vortex-like stream and then kicks it off with a siphon jet action that scrubs the bowl clean from top to bottom.
  • VorMax Plus. The same VorMax technology but with a twist. These toilets have a hidden compartment on the rear side of the bowl. You need to place an LYSOL ® freshening cartridge in this compartment, so each time you flush the toilet, it will release the fresh scent and active chemicals to keep your bowl clean.
  • ActiClean. Another self-cleaning toilet, except this time it uses a battery-operated unit and replaceable cartridges with a cleansing solution. You can vary between 1-minute quick cleaning and 10-minutes deep stain removal and clean your toilet just by pressing the button.

4 Best American Standard Toilets

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

American Standard 2886218.020 H2Option
  • PowerWash rim and siphon jet technology for most effective flushing;
  • EverClean bowl glaze prevents the waste from adhering;
  • the flush actuator is conveniently placed on top of the tank;
  • the dual-flush system reduces water usage;
  • 3 colors available: White, Linen, and Bone.
American Standard 2886218.020 H2Option

We think that the absolute best American Standard toilet among all is the H2Option model. Because its dual-flush system meets WaterSense regulations, operates without any unnecessary sounds, and has a 16-½ inch height, or Right Height, which means that it suits most average users.

So, the secret behind the ultra-efficient performance of the H2Option is that it has a PowerWash rim that directs the water stream for optimal performance. Also, the toilet contains a siphon jet technology which adds some momentum before the waste enters the trapway and prevents clogs.

The H2Option also features an elongated bowl that is more comfortable to sit on and may suit individuals with some excess weight. The bowl isn’t that simple, though: it has an EverClean coating that prevents the waste from adhering and improves mold and bacteria resistance.

Note, though, that this toilet isn’t compact: it measures 29.75’’D x 15’’W x 31.5’’H, which is pretty big. So you might need a bigger bathroom for it to look proportional without taking up too much space.


  • Powerful flushing system that consumes less water than other toilets
  • Comfortable chair-like height
  • Bowl is easy to clean thanks to EverClean coating


  • Might require a bigger bathroom
  • Trapway crevices are a bit hard to clean

Best for Quiet Operation

American Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4
  • powerful low-consumption 1.6 gallons flush;
  • 4-inch wide trapway — the widest in the segment — for perfect and clogless elimination;
  • the slow-close seat is included in the package;
  • siphon jet action for preventing odors;
  • elegant one-piece design makes installation and maintenance easier.
American Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4

The Champion series proudly holds its place in our review of American Standard toilets. It combines a low-consumption yet potent flush with a super-quiet operation thanks to a gravity-assisted system and a soft-close lid.

The toilet is compliant with the EPA regulations on water consumption, as it uses a 1.6GPF flush and a siphon jet technology that directs the stream towards the trapway and removes all the waste. Plus, the Champion toilets are famous for their wide 4-inch trapway that can easily shift up to 30 ounces of waste per flush without any clogs.

Finally, the Right Height 16-½ bowl and elongated bowl make the experience comfortable for users of any size and shape. Top it with a quiet and pleasant to the touch seat, and you’ll get one of the best toilets on the market.


  • Highly efficient flushing system that saves water and optimizes performance
  • A wide trapway can pass through large loads of waste
  • Quietly operating and comfortable


  • The flush is very powerful and might spray you if you stand too close
  • Weighs 118 pounds and might be heavy to move for a single person
  • the oblong bowl that takes as much space as round;
  • incorporates Flo-Wise technology and can save up to 33,000 gallons of water per year for an average family;
  • EverClean bowl surface inhibits bacteria and mildew growth;
  • silent performance thanks to a slow-close seat;
  • elegant and modern design available in various shades of beige, white, and gray.
American Standard 2403128.222 Compact Cadet

Our next pick for the best American Standard toilets selection is the Cadet model. This is probably one of the most efficient toilets on the market, as it uses Flo-Wise technology that can save you up to 33,000 gallons of water per year. Also, despite being a compact model, Cadet has an elongated bowl and is more comfortable than round toilets of the same size.

The Cadet is a single-flush toilet and uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which makes it compliant with EPA and WaterSense regulations. Plus, a PowerWash feature creates a potent cyclonic flow that scrubs the bowl clean every time.

Finally, this toilet will be a good pick for people who are sensitive to noises because it’s almost silent. The Cadet operates with the gravity-assisted flush system that doesn’t make any unnecessary sounds and features a soft-close lid, so you won’t be annoyed by the slamming sound of a toilet seat.


  • Incredibly water-efficient and meets all the water conservation standards
  • Gravity flush and soft-close lid result in quiet performance
  • EverClean glaze and cyclonic PowerWash feature make the cleaning easy


  • The price may vary depending on the color
  • Might be a bit too heavy to install single-handedly

Best for Taller Individuals

American Standard 238AA104.222 Vormax
  • self-cleaning PowerWash bowl with an EverClean glaze;
  • Vormax technology uses 1.28 gallons per flush and meets water conservation requirements;
  • great for taller users;
  • operates quieter than pressure-assisted toilets;
  • installation tools are included in the package.
American Standard 238AA104.222 Vormax

Vormax models are a popular pick for American Standard toilet reviews because they are sturdy, comfortable, and efficient. This particular 1.28-gallon model is especially comfortable for taller individuals thanks to its 17 inches high seat and oblong design.

Aside from that, the Vormax technology that gave the name to the toilet, helps you use less water per flush and is approved by WaterSense. Even though 1.28 gallons may seem not much, they can create a potent flow when combined with the PowerWash feature and eliminate all the waste through a wide trapway with ease.

Plus, since it’s a two-piece toilet, it will be much easier to install single-handedly. Although such models are typically a bit harder to clean because of all the crevices, this Vormax toilet features a modern design without intricate forms and will be a pleasure to maintain.


  • A highly efficient toilet that can eliminate large loads of waste with less water
  • ADA approved, suits taller individuals and people with bad knees
  • Two-piece toilets are usually cheaper than one-piece units


  • Might be a bit harder to clean than a one-piece toilet
  • Might be prone to a slow flush in the long run

What Makes American Standard Toilets Stand Out?

Green Philosophy

American Standard toilets are staying in touch with modern technologies and water conservation requirements. All of their sanitary units are green options and can help an average family of three save up to 33,000 gallons of water per year.

Plus, the use of self-cleaning technologies helps you spend less time and water cleaning these toilets, which also contributes to a reduction in water use.

Timeless Designs

American Standard has been on the market for more than 50 years now, and they still are incredibly popular, so the design of their toilet units is definitely a part of that popularity. The brand offers you classic designs with a minimum of extra bells and whistles and makes their units in different colors.

The matching with your bathroom interior has never been easier!

Ease of Maintenance

Now, we’ve already mentioned self-cleaning technologies at the service of the American Standard, but there are a couple more things that can make your experience easier:

  • Self-cleaning bowl. The glaze on the bowl of the American Standard toilet has an extra-smooth finish and prevents the waste from adhering to it, so the toilet will maintain a clean look for longer.
  • Gravity-flush system. All the American Standard toilets are equipped with a gravity-assisted flushing system that consists of the flush valve and the flapper that triggers the flow. Then, gravity does the job. Gravity-assisted systems require less maintenance than pressure-assisted systems and are fairly easy to replace if something gets broken or worn out.
  • Easy cleaning. Finally, the design of the American Standard toilets, including two-piece versions, doesn’t have hidden crevices where the dirt can hide, so you can clean them more easily.

Thinking About Everyone

American Standard is a family-friendly brand that produces its items with every family member in mind.

Most of its toilets are ADA compliant and have a seat that is 17 or 19 inches high, so senior users or those with back backs can use them freely.

Also, the gravity-flush system operates significantly quieter than pressure-assisted toilets and may suit more in households with children or sound-sensitive people.

So, How to Choose the Best American Standard Toilet?

Measure Your Bathroom

Most master bathrooms in American homes have an area of 35-40 square feet, which is basically a 5 x 8 feet rectangle. And you need to use this space to fit a toilet, a sink, a bathroom, and/or shower along with some pieces of furniture and not to make it seem cluttered.

Plus, since the toilet is a sanitary unit, it requires space to prevent the pathogens from spreading around the bathroom. This space is regulated by the International Residential Codes (IRC) and certain home improvement groups, with the most well-known being a non-profit called the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

NKBA recommends the following clearances for the toilets:

  • in front of the toilet: 30 inches (can be reduced to 24 or 21 inches in small bathrooms);
  • to the sides: at least 18 inches to the wall or to the center of the closest bathroom fixture (1).

So, be sure to thoroughly measure your bathroom and choose the toilet that can allow these clearances to ensure maximum comfort. Fortunately, the American Standard lineup includes both elongated and compact units, so you won’t have problems with choosing the one for you.

Determine the Seat Height

American Standard toilets are represented in the Standard Height (the distance from the floor to the seat is 15 inches) and Comfort, or Right Height options, that are a bit higher and measure from 17 to 19 inches.

Standard Height toilets are designed to fit average users. Comfort Height units, on the other hand, offer more leg space and are more suitable for taller or handicapped users, since they’re more comfortable to sit on.

Take Care of the Water Use

American Standard toilets meet the WaterSense specifications (2), which means that installing them in your home will certainly help reduce water consumption per year. You can choose high-efficiency toilets (HET) with 1.6GPF or 1.28GPF systems, or go for ultra-high efficiency toilets (UHET) with a dual-flush system for even more savings.


Champion series is the tallest toilets made by American Standard. They have a seat height equal to 17 or 18 inches and can be comfortably used by tall individuals or people with bad knees.

American Standard toilets are certainly more budget-friendly than Kohler and offer the same water-saving benefits and ease of use. However, some users report that Kohler toilets seem to be made of more durable vitreous china.

Yes, most plumbing experts — including niche reviewers, like us — can definitely recommend American Standard toilets as an affordable and quality-made brand.

Cadet Series has compact units with round and oval bowls designed for compact bathrooms. We’ve reviewed the Cadet in this guide, and it seems a pretty solid pick.

An average price of an American Standard toilet is $250-$500, depending on the configuration(one-piece or two-piece) and color (some colors can be more expensive than others).

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