Best Chair Height Toilets for Tall and Elderly

Best Chair Height Toilets for Tall and Elderly

American Standard as we know it has been on the market since 1967 and remains one of the most well-known toilet manufacturers to this day.

Its toilets are famous for their simple design, impressive flushing technologies, and various color palettes that can match any bathroom interior.

But how do you know their toilets may work for you?


You thoroughly read or guide and choose one of the best American Standard toilets we included in it, based on user preference and our experience.

Best Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best Choice — Best for No-Clog Performance

3rd Best Choice — Best Extra Tall Option

KOHLER 3810-47 Santa RosaAmerican Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet
  • canister flush valve is less prone to leaks;
  • fits into smaller bathrooms
  • flushes up to 70% larger load than standard toilets;
  • 16.5’’ bowl (without seat)
  • 20 inches high bowl;
  • quiet operation

What Makes a Chair Height Toilet Better than Other Options?

The answer is obvious:

Its height.

See, the comparison with the chair isn’t accidental. The majority of doctors and chiropractors agree that the most comfortable chair seat height is 16’’ to 21’’. It allows you to sit with your feet staying on the floor and thighs in a horizontal position (1). 

Chair height toilets are exactly the same. Moreover, they have some significant advantages:

  • They suit people of any body composition. Taller people have longer legs, so the standard height of the bowl may feel short and uncomfortable for them, as it puts knees higher than the pelvis. A 16-inch seat or higher (up to 20-21 inches) will make a better pick if you need a toilet for a tall person.
  • They require less physical effort to use. When you sit on a chair height toilet, your thighs are horizontal, so you don’t need to fully engage your leg muscles to stand up. This may be convenient for those who have weak knees or certain mobility issues that limit their leg strength. 
  • They may meet ADA guidelines. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes the accessibility standards, so elderly, handicapped, or disabled people can have a good quality of life. ADA compliant toilets should have a 17-inch seat height (min) or 19-inch height (max). As you can see, the term ‘comfort height’ is a bit broader than ‘ADA compliant’ and if you need a really tall toilet for the elderly, take a look at some of the chair height models.

Best Comfort Height Toilets

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

KOHLER 3810-47 Santa Rosa
  • 16.5’’ high bowl (without a seat);
  • powerful AquaPiston 1.28-gallon flush scrubs the bowl clean;
  • a compact oblong bowl provides more leg space;
  • canister valve is less prone to leaks than a standard flapper;
  • available in Almond, Biscuit, Dune, Ice Gray, Sandbar, White, and Black colors.
KOHLER 3810-47 Santa Rosa

Do you want to know what makes the Santa Rosa by Kohler one of the best chair height toilets? Well, one of the reasons is a compact oblong bowl that occupies the same space as the standard round bowl without sacrificing comfort. And the 16.5’’ bowl height seems pretty sufficient for us to include this unit in the selection. But there are a couple more features.

This Kohler unit utilizes a dual flush technology that helps you regulate water consumption. If you turn the trip lever up, it triggers a partial 0.9-gallon flush. If you press it all the way down, a 1.28 AquaPiston flush will scrub the bowl clean and discard any waste.

Despite using a canister-type valve, the Santa Rosa doesn’t make any loud noises during flushing. Also, it comes with a soft-close Brevia seat made of hard plastic that will make your experience even more enjoyable. 

The cherry on top is the overall one-piece design of the unit which is easier to clean. Plus, it’s available in seven different colors from White to Black and can match absolutely any interior.


  • Powerful flush removes 100% of waste and prevents any residue on the bowl surface
  • WaterSense and ADA compliant
  • Operates quietly compared to other Kohler toilets with AquaPiston flush


  • The hinges on the seat seem a bit weak
  • You may need to adjust the flush potency at some point

Best No-Clog Comfort Height Toilet

American Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4
  • clog-free performance thanks to the widest 4-inch trapway;
  • 16.5’’ bowl height without a seat;
  • EverClean bowl surface effortlessly repels waste;
  • powerful 1.6-gallon flush;
  • includes a soft-close seat.
American Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4

Our runner-up for the best comfort height toilet title is the Champion-4 by American Standard. It combines a 16.5’’ chair height with a clog-free performance and can serve you for years without causing any problems.

The most prominent feature of the Champion-4 unit is the combination of the 4-inch flapper valve and 4-inch wide trapway, which results in the effortless elimination of the large loads of waste. The water enters the bowl from all sides simultaneously and scrubs the bowl clean.

Plus, the toilet features the EverClean glaze that coats even the insides of the trapway, so the waste has no chance to adhere to its surface and its removal requires only 1.6 gallons per flush.

The toilet comes with a soft-close seat that adds half of an inch to the height and makes it compliant with the ADA’s regulation. So if you share a home with an older relative, this toilet makes a perfect accessible pick.


  • Comfortable height with a wider bowl makes it suitable for people of a large build
  • Excellent performance: flushes up to 70% larger loads than other toilets
  • EverClean surface is stain-resistant and requires less cleaning


  • If you flush while sitting — you may get sprayed
  • The seat quickly loses its ability to close slowly

Best Extra Tall Toilet for the Elderly

Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet
  • surpasses ADA’s guidelines: the bowl is 20’’ high;
  • longer trapway makes the flush more efficient;
  • 0.8 GPF economy flush, 1.28 GPF full flush;
  • heavy-duty slow-closing seat included;
  • modern two-piece design.
Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet

If you’re taller than 6 feet or have very bad knees, even the best chair height toilet might fail for you and you might need something taller. This is when the Convenient Height unit comes in handy. The bowl of this toilet measures 20 inches from the floor and the seat adds an inch more for extra comfort and bathroom safety. 

Aside from that, the Convenient Height unit features a water-efficient dual-flush that uses 0.8 gallons for liquid and 1.28 gallons for solid waste. Thus, you can save up more than 16,500 gallons of water per year. Also, the toilet uses its elongated trapway to create a powerful siphon action that prevents clogging and allows you to flush larger loads.

The Convenient Height unit includes a soft-close seat with a lid that fits the elongated bowl just right. This seat, along with the gravity-assisted flush, ensures a quiet operation, which is great if you live with someone who’s sensitive to sounds.


  • A great choice for tall people, people with bad knees, and those with mobility issues
  • Powerful dual flush uses less water while maintaining the same level of performance
  • Longer trapway uses gravity to flush larger loads more efficiently


  • Might not suit short people
  • The lid seems a bit flimsy

Best Compact Chair Height Toilet

  • 1.28 GPF partial flush, 1.6 GPF full flush;
  • 2’’ fully glazed trapway to prevent clogs;
  • compact design with a 16.5’’ bowl;
  • skirted design with a concealed trapway is easier to clean;
  • includes a soft-closing seat.

The HWMT-8733 easily meets the definition of the best comfort height toilet: it packs a cyclonic dual flush, and a fully glazed 2’’ trapway, features a sleek skirted design and easily fits in small bathrooms without sacrificing the comfort chair height.

The HOROW is a compact unit: it has a 12’’ rough-in, but measures only 25’’D x 13.4’’W x 28.4’’H and has a round bowl, which makes it a good pick for those who need a comfort height toilet for the smaller bathroom. 

However, this space-saving toilet packs a really powerful dual flush with siphon jet action. The partial flush uses 1.28 gallons, and the full flush creates a cyclonic whirlpool with 1.6 gallons and removes all the waste through a glazed trapway.

Despite this, the HOROW won’t bother you with annoying noises because gravity flush systems tend to be quieter than pressure-assisted toilets. Plus, it features a slow-closing seat that eliminates that slamming sound and contributes to a quiet household.


  • A perfect pick for smaller bathrooms
  • Highly efficient dual flush and glazed trapway ensure clog-free performance
  • Easy to clean thanks to the one-piece skirted design


  • The seat is cheaply made
  • Fitter for ¾’’ water supply line, not ⅞’’ (but comes with ½’’ line adapter)

Best One-Piece Comfort Height Toilet

TOTO MS604114CEFRG UltraMax II
  • 1.28-gallon TOTO Tornado flush;
  • CEFIONTECT glaze prevents the particles from adhering to the surface;
  • 16’’ bowl height;
  • comes with a SoftClose seat;
  • easy to install and maintain thanks to a one-piece design.
Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II

Our final suggestion for you on this list of the best chair height toilets is the Ultramax II commode by TOTO. This sleek one-piece unit is WaterSense and CALGreen compliant and meets strict ADA guidelines with the 16-inch high bowl and comfortable SoftClose seat.

The Ultramax II needs only 1.28 gallons per flush because of the patented TOTO Tornado flush that creates a strong 360-degree flow and efficiently scrubs the bowl and removes all the waste through a glazed trapway.

Also, the one-piece design of the TOTO toilet has fewer hard-to-reach spaces and makes cleaning easier, along with the CEFIONTECT bowl that prevents the waste particles from adhering to the surface and maintains the fresh look between the cleanings.

Finally, the Ultramax II is an incredibly quiet toilet. It features a SoftClose seat with sturdy hinges that keep it from slamming and doesn’t make weird sounds while flushing, unlike pressure-assisted commodes.


  • One-piece toilets are more leak-proof and easier to maintain
  • Quiet yet powerful flushing
  • Comfortable elongated bowl


  • It’s more expensive than other brands
  • Weighs 99 pounds and requires two people to install

What to Look for When Choosing the Comfort Toilet for Elderly or Tall People?

Bathroom Space

If you want to make your bathroom more accessible for tall or elderly people, you need to consider things in general. 

Aside from choosing the height of a toilet seat, you also need to properly measure the space around the loo so that everyone will have free access.

So, the International Residential Code (IRC) suggests that the toilet should have a 21-inch clearance in front of it. Well, this might be a bare minimum for a small bathroom, but some home improvement groups, such as National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommend at least a 30-inch clearance, especially if the commode will be used by seniors (2).

Bowl Shape

One of the main things that make the toilet for tall people convenient is the extra leg space. Commodes with an oblong bowl can provide that extra space, and that’s why most users prefer them. However, if you need a toilet for small spaces, you can choose a round bowl that runs 2-3 inches shorter, or go for the manufacturers that offer compact oblong bowls.

Flushing System

Toilets with gravity-fed systems are more common because of their straightforward maintenance and quiet operation. 

However, if you need extra pressure for a more efficient flush, you can choose a pressure-assisted unit. It blasts the water into a bowl similarly to blowing it through the straw and ensures better waste disposal and bowl scrubbing. Note though, that pressure-assisted toilets tend to be noisier than gravity-assisted and may require more advanced knowledge if you encounter the need of fixing them.


Water conservation is an important thing, and when it comes to household water use, you can significantly reduce the consumption by purchasing a water-efficient toilet.

Here are the most reliable certification programs:

  • EPA WaterSense. WaterSense is curated by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This program checks all water-using appliances, including lawn sprinklers and irrigation controllers. Using WaterSense certified toilets can save you up to $110 per year in water costs or about $2,200 during the lifetime of your commode.
  • CALGreen. CALGreen is the California green building standards code. It was developed in 2007 and is used until this moment to ensure that all new residential buildings meet the energy-efficient and water-saving standards. Note that not all CALGreen approved toilets may meet the WaterSense requirements and vice versa.


The standard height toilet measures 15 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. Comfort height toilets start from 16 inches and go up to 21 inches, just like the average chair.

Toilet seats come in different heights, but generally, if your toilet has a 16-inch bowl, you can accompany it with any toilet seat.

Yes and no. ADA compliant toilets can sometimes be labeled as ‘comfort height’ but the maximum height allowed is 10 inches. Comfort height toilets have a bit more room to expand and can include 20-inch or even 21-inch high seats, which may not comply with ADA.

Yes. If you need a toilet for tall people, comfort height is your go-to option. Just be sure to choose units with at least a 17-inch high seat, so the person can feel comfortable.

Yes, many comfort height toilets are designed for smaller bathrooms. They can have a shorter rough-in and a smaller round bowl that will occupy less floor space. Or, you can opt for a corner comfort height commode with a triangle tank.

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