Best Kohler Toilets: Reviews and Buying Guides

Best Kohler Toilets: Reviews and Buying Guides

Kohler is one of the most well-known toilet manufacturers around the world, not only in the US. The brand has a long-time history and is constantly changing to meet the industry expectations and the demands of the pickiest users.

If you’re here, you probably determined that you want to purchase a Kohler toilet, but haven’t found the unit that will exactly meet your needs.

Well, leave that up to us!

We’ve searched through the internet and found the best Kohler toilets for every occasion, so all you need to do is to read our guide right below!

Quick Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best Choice — Best for Quiet Operation

3rd Best Choice — Best Compact Kohler Toilet

Kohler K-3999-0Kohler K-3812-0Kohler K-5172-96
  • Five Class ® self-cleaning bowl;
  • comes with pre-installed bolts
  • One of the quietest Kohler toilets;
  • ADA compliant
  • Perfect for small bathrooms;
  • 360-degree flush

Unique Features of Kohler Toilets

But before we go deep into the details, let’s find out what makes Kohler so unique.

The brand has been around since its founding date in 1873, so… there must have been something, right?

Well, there are a couple of things that define Kohler as a brand:

  • Pressure-assisted flush. Kohler is one of the few brands that equips its toilets with a pressure-assisted flush system. Water in these systems is forced into a bowl by pressurized air, thus creating a powerful flow that scrubs the bowl clean and eliminates any junk by using less water.
  • Various designs and colors. Kohler also cares about the aesthetics of things and stays on top of that with its creative vision. Its toilets feature different designs that reflect different epochs and have an impressive color palette in different shades of beige, bone, gray, and white, so you will have no effort matching a toilet with your bathroom interior.
  • ADA’s compliance. Kohler cares about every user and offers a lot of models that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or just senior users will feel comfortable using them.

3 Best Kohler Toilets

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline
  • saves up to 20% of water compared with 1.6-gallon models;
  • Class Five ® flushing technology helps maintain the bowl clean;
  • AquaPiston pressure-assisted flush eliminates large loads of waste with ease;
  • chair-like seat height (from 17 to 19 inches) ensures maximum comfort;
  • comes with pre-installed mounting bolts for easy assembly.
Kohler K-3999-0

We open our rating of the best Kohler toilets with the K-3999-0 model. This is an elongated toilet with a chair-like height, so expect maximum comfort. And it meets strict EPA guidelines and will help you decrease water consumption by at least 20% in the long run.

So, one of the strongest points of the Kohler toilets is their Class Five ® flushing technology. This is basically a cyclonic flush that can create a powerful flow with less water and eliminate all the waste. Also, Class Five includes a self-cleaning bowl glaze that prevents the waste from adhering to it.

Most Kohler toilets, including this model, feature an AquaPiston pressure-assisted flushing system. This means that water is forced to flow by pressurized air and creates a more powerful flush with less water. However, these systems might be noisy, and if you want a quiet household or have small kids, it’s better to look for another model.

Finally, the K-3999-0 is easy to use because it comes in a standard height that suits most users, including children and those with bad backs or knees.


  • WaterSense certified Class Five ® flushing technology reduces water consumption
  • Easy to clean and maintain cleanliness
  • Suitable for tall users and those with bad knees or backs


  • Noisy operation compared to gravity-flush systems
  • Won’t fit in a small bathroom

Best for Quiet Operation

Kohler K-3812-0 Memoirs
  • combines classic design with low water consumption technologies;
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant;
  • comfort height seat feels like you’re sitting on a chair;
  • 1.28 gallons per flush;
  • available in 6 colors.
Kohler K-3812-0

Another option we’ve picked for this Kohler toilet review is the Memoirs model. Despite its classical design, this toilet packs current trends on low water consumption and ergonomic construction. Plus, it’s probably one of the quietest Kohler models, so if you’re planning to choose this brand, you might want to give it a shot.

The Memoirs toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush and can save you up to 16,500 gallons per year. Plus, its elongated bowl features a self-cleaning glaze that prevents the waste from adhering to it. This means that you will spend less time leaning and using the plunger to maintain a fresh look.

Also, this model comes in a comfortable height that suits most users, including those who have some disability issues, and the certificate by the Americans with Disabilities Act proves that. And the various color palette that includes Almond, Ice Gray, and Black makes this toilet fit into any bathroom interior.


  • Can save you up to 16,500 gallons per year thanks to its high-efficient design
  • Operates very quietly, even despite a pressure-assisted flushing system
  • ADA compliant design


  • It is quite expensive and the price may drastically vary by the color
  • Might not suit tall individuals

Best Compact Kohler Toilet

Kohler K-5172-96 San Souci
  • compact elongated bowl occupies the same space as the standard round bowl while maintaining comfort;
  • canister flush valve for stable and leak-free performance;
  • 360-degree flush eliminates waste with less water;
  • includes a seat with a lid;
  • one-piece design is easier to clean.
Kohler K-5172-96

And the last option in this review of the best Kohler toilets is the San Souci, a compact, single-piece unit with an elongated bowl. It brings all the distinctive features of the brand — low water consumption, ergonomic design, and straightforward maintenance — into small bathrooms.

The San Souci is a single-flush option that uses 1.28 gallons per flush. It has a WaterSense certificate and will cut water consumption and save you about 16,500 gallons per year. Plus, AquaPiston technology triggers a powerful flow and can remove large loads of waste residue.

Despite its compact design, this Kohler toilet has a standard profile construction with a 16-inch height that can suit most users. And the wide range of colors combined with a sleek and modern design turns the San Souci into a perfect fit for any bathroom interior.


  • 27.75 inches deep and 16.38 inches wide, can fit into the tiniest spaces
  • AquaPiston technology with a 360-degree flush cleans the waste with less water volume
  • Canister flush valve system is less prone to leaks than flapper valve systems


  • Operates a bit noisy
  • Single-piece units are heavy

Best Comfort Height Kohler Toilet

Kohler K-3493-96 Highline
  • 1.4 gallons per flush and pressure-assisted flushing system;
  • 18’’ from the floor to the seat, which meets ADA regulations;
  • an elongated bowl provides more space for legs;
  • U-shaped seat for easier wiping;
  • a concealed trapway makes cleaning faster.
Kohler K-3493-96

‘Comfort height’ means that the toilet seat falls within the 17-19 inches range and suits most individuals, including seniors or those who may have certain mobility issues. The Highline unit measures 18.5 inches with the seat on, so, when topped with an elongated bowl, it will easily suit even those who are taller than 6 feet.

Also, there’s a patented AquaPiston flushing system that uses pressure to create a strong flow with only 1.4 gallons per flush. Pressure-assisted systems require less physical effort to trigger the flush, which makes them more comfortable to use by elderly or handicapped individuals.

Another good feature is that the K-3493-96 has a concealed trapway, which makes it easier to clean and creates a modern minimalistic look that will fit into any bathroom. The Highline is available in four colors — White, Almond, Biscuit, and Black — so you will have no problems with matching.


  • Suits tall people and individuals with mobility issues
  • WaterSense certified
  • A sleek design and a concealed trapway save time spent for cleaning


  • Might not fit into smaller bathrooms
  • The U-shaped seat might be uncomfortable for some

Essential Features to Look for When Choosing a Kohler Toilet

Single-Piece or Two-Piece

Toilets can have a single-piece construction if bowl and tank are combined in one element, and two-piece construction, if they’re separated. 

Single-piece units are more popular because they are easier to install and maintain since there are no crevices between the tank and the bowl where the dirt can hide.

However, they’re also more expensive and heavy to move single-handedly.

Two-piece toilets, although they require more time to install and some extra effort to clean all the crevices, are cheaper and more common among compact options.

Bowl Shape

Another important consideration is the bowl shape. Kohler toilets come in both round and oval shapes, so which is better?

The answer depends on how much space you have in the bathroom. Oblong bowls, although they provide extra space for legs, may take up too much of the floor area and make it look cramped.

So in this case, a round bowl might work better for you. Plus, round bowls are one of the ADA requirements, so if you share a house with a disabled person, you can go for the round bowl too.

Gallons per Flush

We use toilets multiple times per day, and current data shows that more than 45% of household water use occurs in bathrooms, and toilets contribute to almost a third of this amount (1).

So, to prevent excess water consumption, you may want to choose a more efficient toilet.

The most common options today are 1.28-gallon toilets and 1.6-gallon toilets. The larger water volume doesn’t meet the EPA standards on water conservation, so if your toilet is old, or you just don’t know how much water it uses, it’s probably time to replace it.

Also, you can go even further for low water consumption and purchase a dual-flush toilet. These models have a 0.9-gallon flush for liquid and a 1.28 or 1.6-gallon for solid, and you can regulate how much water you need.

WaterSense suggests that 1.28-gallon toilets can reduce water consumption up to 13,000 gallons per year, or more than $100 in water costs (2). So, if you have an old toilet, be sure to replace it with a high-efficient model, such as the ones we’ve reviewed here.


This is basically the name of Kohler’s pressure-assisted flushing system. Instead of a standard flapper valve, it utilizes a canister valve and propels the water in a single jet, so it enters the bowl from all sides at once. This 360-degree powerful flush removes all the waste and reduces the chances of clogging by creating a potent flow.

Yes, we’ve reviewed the San Souci model with a round bowl that can make the good pick for a smaller bathroom. Other compacts include Santa Rosa and San Raphael, as well as some units with a round bowl in the Memoirs series.

Depends on what you’re looking at. Both Kohler and TOTO offer medium-priced and high-priced toilets and are made of durable vitreous china. However, the TOTO makes their integrated bidet seat their strongest feature, and if you’re into high-tech solution, they’re the best. But regarding the comfort levels of standard toilets, we think Kohler is a bit better than TOTO.

No toilet is completely immune to clogging, and Kohler is no exception. However, their pressure-assisted flush and smooth bowl finish make clogs much less likely to happen.

Just like any other toilet. At least once per week is fine, but if you have children, or pets that have their litter boxes in your bathroom, you may want to clean your toilet more frequently, 2-3 times per week.

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