Best Smart Toilets: Top Picks & Buying Guide

Best Smart Toilets: Top Picks & Buying Guide

Some people associate smart toilets strictly with Japanese hotel bathrooms, and others install them in their homes.

If the latter sounds like you, you probably wonder: what’s the best smart toilet out there?

We’ve got your back!

Below, you will find five of our absolute favorites, as well as the comprehensive buying guide that will help you choose your perfect intelligent WC.

Quick Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best — ADA Compliant Smart Toilet

3rd Best — Smart Toilet Under $1000

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Smart Toilet TOTO MW6042034CUFG#01 WASHLET+ UltraMax II Toilet WOODBRIDGE T-0008 Smart Toilet
uses filtered water for the bidet; siphonic 1.1 GPF/ 1.6 GPF flush 1-gallon Tornado flush; adjustable water temperature and pressure self-cleaning stainless steel nozzles; fully glazed trapway

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Intelligent Toilet?

Before we dig into the details, let’s outline the reasons why people choose intelligent toilets in the first place.

There are a few:

  • More hygienic experience. Smart toilets almost always have an integrated bidet function. And using water for cleaning up after you do your job — especially if it’s number two — is much more hygienic than wiping with toilet paper. Plus, modern toilets take a step further and ensure a totally hands-free experience with their automatic flushing and the seat with built-in motion sensors that allow it to open and close when someone enters the bathroom.
  • Less litter. Americans use about 34 million toilet paper rolls PER DAY (1). And all of it ends up in a landfill. Installing a smart toilet in your bathroom will help you significantly lower your spending on toilet paper and reduce the amount of waste.
  • Suitable for everyone. Modern smart toilets have a lot of adjustable settings, such as water pressure, temperature, heated seat, air dryer, and so on, which makes them a great choice for everyone. Elderly and disabled people will especially benefit from intelligent toilets since they help them regain some bathroom independence.
  • Combines two fixtures in one. You can have a toilet and a bidet, instead of having to install two separate fixtures. This will save you a lot of floor space and money on plumbing work, which is great if you have a strict renovation budget.

However, smart toilets aren’t perfect, and they have certain downsides:

  • The flush may be weaker than in standard toilets. Most smart toilets have a tankless design. The tank, aside from storing water for the flush, also gives it some velocity for more efficient bowl cleaning. Without this boost, the flush might be not as efficient as in standard toilets.
  • Requires power source. Smart toilets need electricity for their sensors and control panel and can use batteries or a 110V socket. 

Bottom line?

We think that the advantages outweigh the downsides and a smart toilet can easily enhance your hygiene and make visits to the bathroom more pleasant.

5 Best Intelligent Toilets

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice 

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Smart Toilet

  • automatic 1.1/1.6 GPF flush;
  • 16’’ bowl height;
  • bidet cleaning with adjustable water temperature and pressure settings;
  • self-cleaning bidet nozzles;
  • built-in night LED light.
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Smart Toilet

We start our review of the best smart toilets with the B-0960S by WOODBRIDGE. This toilet has absolutely everything for a comfortable hands-free experience, including automatic flush, self-cleaning features, and even a remote control!

So, the first thing that catches an eye is that the WOODBRIDGE unit is incredibly hygienic. It uses filtered water to prevent scaling and bacteria build-up and triggers an automatic flush and cleaning session after you leave.

Also, the B-0960S is pretty efficient when it comes to flushing. The toilet features dual flush — 1.1 GPF for liquids, and 1.6 GPF for solids — and will easily save water in your household.

Finally, the toilet is packed with features that make its use much more comfortable, such as a heated seat, warm air dryer, deodorizer, and night light for those late visits to the bathroom.


  • Water-efficient dual flush
  • Lots of adjustable features in the bidet
  • Comfortable elongated bowl


  • The seating area might be too small for some
  • The blue night light might be uncomfortable for some users

Best ADA Compliant Smart Toilet 

TOTO MW6042034CUFG#01 WASHLET+ UltraMax II Toilet

  • ultra-efficient 1-gallon Tornado flush;
  • 17.6’’ elongated bowl;
  • soft-close heated seat;
  • warm air dryer with 3 modes;
  • convenient design with a concealed water supply and power cord.
TOTO MW6042034CUFG#01 WASHLET+ UltraMax II Toilet

TOTO is the most well-known brand of intelligent toilets, and we picked the combo of the Ultramax II toilet with the WASHLET+ C100 seat. It has everything for those who prefer traditional style toilets: an efficient flush, comfortable elongated bowl, and ADA-compliant height.

So, the toilet is awesome for using only 1 gallon per flush for both liquid and solid waste, which will save you a lot of water per year. The Ultramax II uses the patented Tornado flush and easily eliminates bulk waste within a single pass.

Also, the toilet is suitable for everyone because its bowl meets the ADA regulations. The bowl is 17.6 inches high without a seat and will fall right in the middle of the recommended 17-19 inches range. This makes the toilet efficient for seniors and disabled people.

As for the bidet, it has a pretty solid set of features: feminine and posterior wash with adjustable water temperature and pressure, steam wash option, PreMist technology to prevent the waste from adhering to the bowl, heated seat, warm air dryer, and air purifier.


  • Suitable for every family member, including kids and older relatives
  • Quiet operation thanks to a soft-close seat and gravity flush
  • One of the most water-efficient smart toilets


  • The low water level in the bowl might make cleaning more frequent
  • Some users report glitchy control panel

Best Smart Toilet Under $1000 

WOODBRIDGE T-0008 Smart Toilet

  • 16.5’’ comfort height bowl;
  • WaterSense certified flush;
  • can save the bidet settings for 2 users;
  • self-cleaning steel nozzles (2 cleaning modes);
  • sleek one-piece design.
WOODBRIDGE T-0008 Smart Toilet

Here comes another model by WOODBRIDGE for our list of the best smart toilets. This commode gives you a lot of awesome features for a great price point and has a modern one-piece design that will fit in any bathroom.

So, the toilet features a dual flush, like all WOODBRIDGE models. It uses 1.1 gallons for the liquids, and 1.6 gallons for the solids and backs the flush up with a powerful siphonic jet, which optimizes the waste passage through the trapway.

Also, the T-0008 is pretty hygienic. It features stainless steel spray nozzles with light and deep cleaning modes that you can trigger with the touch of a button. Note that it needs filtered water to prevent scale buildup and bacteria growth. 

Finally, you can adjust the bidet settings and then save it in the memory of the toilet. The T-008 has two user profiles, so you and other family members can use customized presets without having to adjust the settings every time.


  • Ensures hands-free hygienic experience
  • Memorizes user settings (for 2 users)
  • WaterSense certified flush


  • The warm air dryer could have been stronger
  • The front cleaning wand is a bit short

Best Water-Saving Smart Toilet 

TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 Toilet + WASHLET G400 Seat

  • 0.9/1.28 GPF 3D Tornado flush;
  • convenient remote control;
  • wide 2 ¾’’ trapway;
  • self-cleaning spray nozzles;
  • CEFIONTECT stain-resistant bowl glaze.
TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 Toilet + WASHLET G400 Seat

This tankless intelligent toilet by TOTO will easily reduce your water use thanks to its automatic 3D Tornado dual flush that uses 1.28 gallons for solids and 0.9 gallons for liquids. Plus, the toilet bowl is glazed with the CEFIONTECT finish that prevents the waste from adhering and keeps the clean look for longer, so you will spend less water for cleaning it as well!

As for other functions, the integrated bidet seat has many adjustable settings, such as water pressure and temperature, as well as several heating modes for the seat and the warm air dryer. Thus, you can choose the comfortable configuration and then use it as a preset next time.

Also, the toilet has a modern skirted design and a quick-release seat, which makes cleaning it a breeze. And for those who visit the bathroom late at night, there’s a soft blue LED light that will make it easier.


  • Easily controls your water usage
  • Self-cleaning nozzles, skirted design, and the CEFIONTECT glaze make the toilet hygienic
  • Wide trapway diameter prevents clogging


  • The flush might be a bit weak
  • Might not suit taller users

Best Compact Smart Toilet 

Fine Fixtures Elongated Smart Toilet

  • 16’’ elongated bowl;
  • 0.9 GPF/1.28 GPF dual flush;
  • 6 water temperature settings;
  • auto-open and close seat and lid;
  • self-cleaning wand.
Fine Fixtures Elongated Smart Toilet

Tankless toilets generally take up less bathroom space. That’s why we included the Fine Fixtures commode in our selection of the best smart toilets: it has a more comfortable elongated bowl but measures only 28.75’’ long, which makes a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

The toilet features a WaterSense-approved dual flush, with 0.9 gallons for partial and 1.28 gallons for full flushing. So if you’re looking for a water-efficient toilet, make sure to take a look at this model.

As for the integrated bidet function, it’s also pretty good. The bidet features self-cleaning wands, adjustable water temperature and pressure settings, and a gentle warm air dryer after each use, so you can easily ditch your toilet paper. And it’s low maintenance too, thanks to the skirted design and stain-repellent bowl glaze, that keeps the clean look.


  • Easily fits in smaller bathrooms without sacrificing comfort
  • Versatile water pressure and temperature settings
  • Sleek and easy to clean design


  • Weighs 125 lbs and might be difficult to install single-handedly
  • The wands are prone to scale buildup, especially in regions with hard water

Things That Make a Good Intelligent Toilet

Self-Cleaning Wands

To help you maintain your hygiene, your smart toilet should be hygienic as well. Look for the units with self-cleaning spray wands: this function will prevent scale and bacterial build-up and will maintain a sterile environment.

Some smart toilets will trigger the self-cleaning function after you leave the toilet, others will require you to push a button and choose the quick or deep cleaning mode.

Adjustable Settings

We all have our understanding of comfort, and a smart toilet should be able to deliver you a comfortable experience.

Thankfully, modern intelligent toilets have versatile settings for water temperature and pressure, as well as for seat temperature and warm air dryer. Moreover, some commodes allow you to create your perfect setting and turn it into a preset saved in the toilet’s memory. So the next time you visit the bathroom, you can simply push the button on the remote or control panel instead of going through adjustments all over again.

Comfort Height

A toilet is the most used fixture in the house, so it has to be comfortable. 

When shopping, you find smart toilets with different seat heights:

  • Standard height — 15 inches;
  • Comfort height, or chair height — 16 to 21 inches;
  • ADA compliant height — 17-19 inches.

We suggest that you choose Comfort and ADA compliant smart toilets because they are more accessible for all family members, including kids, tall users, and the elderly.

Dual Flush

Water conservation is important. US Environmental Protection Agency requires all modern toilets have a flush that doesn’t exceed 1.6 gallons per one pass. Thankfully, modern smart toilets can have an even more efficient 1.28-gallon flush, which is 20% less than the current federal standard (2).

Moreover, TOTO, WoodBridge, and other major brands typically feature dual flush, which helps you control water use depending on the type of waste, and hence, reduces the water consumption per household even further.


Smart toilets can have a tankless design, or, they can look like a standard toilet with an integrated bidet seat.

The choice between the two may depend on your bathroom size, interior, and your personal preference. 

However, if you want a toilet with a more efficient flush, we recommend that you go for the standard design because tankless toilets might not handle bulk waste and will require cleaning more frequently.


Yes, some of them can be. The Americans with Disabilities Act establishes that accessible toilets should have bowl height between 17-19 inches with a seat on, and some intelligent toilets can meet this measurement.

The price may depend on the toilet manufacturer and the set of functions, but general prices vary from $1200 for a WoodBridge or TOTO toilet with an integrated bidet set to $4000 or even $7000 for the TOTO’s Neorest series or Numi bidet toilets.

If we consider the American market, then the most well-known manufacturer will be TOTO. These toilets have a wide lineup for every budget and are pretty reliable.

The same way you unclog a regular toilet. If you don’t have a plunger, you can use a cling film method, baking soda and vinegar mixture, enzyme cleaners, bleach, etc.

This depends on the design. Tankless toilets are generally more compact and may fit better into smaller spaces.

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