Best Toilet Brush: 5 Picks That Will Clean Everything

Best Toilet Brush: 5 Picks That Will Clean Everything

Cleaning the toilet might not be the most glamorous thing, but you still have to do it.

And the right and durable toilet brush can make this chore so much easier and reduce the time you spend on it.

That’s why we picked the five best toilet brushes, so you can choose the one that will work exactly for you! 

And you can find them just below!

Quick Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best — Silicone Toilet Brush

3rd Best — Toilet Brush for Deep Cleaning

Holikme Toilet Brush and Holder Set for BathroomFYLINA Silicone Toilet BrushMarbrasse Slim Compact Toilet Brush
bendable design for deep cleaning; wall-mounted base sturdy metal handle; holder has a built-in drip container curvy design reaches every corner; non-slip handle

Toilet Brush Materials Explained

Silicone Toilet Brush

Silicone toilet brushes are the most recent addition to the market. However, they have already become pretty popular, for several reasons:

  • Bacteria-repellent surface. Silicone is a non-porous material and resists the accumulation of the residual waste (1), so the germs cannot stick to it or hide in the bristles and then multiply.
  • Dries easier. If you’re tired of the disgusting poodle under your bristle brush, swap it for silicone! It dries much faster, which also doesn’t leave any chance for bacteria.
  • Low maintenance. You can clean a silicone brush with bleach or rinse it with boiling water to disinfect, and you’re good to go.

Along with that, silicone brushes offer gentle yet efficient cleaning and won’t scratch the toilet bowl.

Plastic Bristle Toilet Brush

If someone asks you to picture a toilet brush in your head — for whatever reason — this is probably the final result you’ll end up with.

Toilet brushes made of plastic bristles of different firmness are the most common option in modern bathrooms. They are pretty easy to maintain and ensure deep and thorough cleaning in the crevices of the bowl rim.

Note, though, that bristle brushes dry slower than silicone and can create an environment for bacteria growth, so be sure to disinfect them with bleach after each use and leave out to dry.

Natural Toilet Brush

Less common, but more eco-friendly toilet brushes can be made of coconut fibers, bamboo, or other materials with a fibrous texture. The fibers are packed pretty tight, so you can expect efficient waste cleaning, and they are also softer than plastic bristles, so no damage to the glaze as well.

However, natural brushes can soak up some water or cleaning solution and residual waste and require more maintenance than plastic bristles, so keep that in mind.

5 Best Toilet Brushes on the Market

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Holikme Toilet Brush and Holder Set for Bathroom
  • easy cleans dead corner thanks to flexible design;
  • the wall-mounted breathable base ensures quick drying;
  • soft silicone bristles prevent scratches while providing the same cleaning efficiency;
  • non-slip and ergonomic handle;
  • easily washable and requires little to no maintenance.
Holikme Toilet Brush and Holder Set for Bathroom

Our top pick for the list of the best toilet brushes is this compact beauty by Holikme. It’s a sturdy silicone brush that will ensure easy and deep bowl cleaning without scratching the glaze, and won’t take up space in your bathroom.

The most prominent feature of the Holikme brush is its flexible head. It easily dives deep in the crevices of the bowl and trapway and ensures that there’s no waste left anywhere.

Aside from that, silicone bristles are easy to wash and can be disinfected with toilet cleaners to prevent bacteria growth. Once you’ve done that, just place the brush in the holder and let it dry before the next use.

Finally, the base can be used as a standalone, or you can mount it to the wall using the sticky tape that comes with it for a more space-saving design.


  • Flexible design ensures a more thorough cleaning
  • Dries off quickly and prevents bacteria growth
  • Soft bristles won’t scratch the surface of the bowl


  • The sticky tape might peel off sometimes
  • May require some effort to reach deep crevices

Best Silicone Toilet Brush 

FYLINA Silicone Toilet Brush

  • 360-degree bristles for thorough cleaning;
  • sturdy metal handle with a non-slip cover;
  • detachable holder bottom collects dripping water;
  • comes with invisible tweezers for hair or debris removal;
  • space-saving design.
FYLINA Silicone Toilet Brush

The next pick for this toilet brush review is also made of silicone, and it’s one of the best choices if you look for this type of brush. The FYLINA brush features a cylindrical design with 360-degree bristles that allow it to clean hard-to-reach areas without effort.

Also, it has a sturdy metal handle with a non-slip coating, so don’t worry about accidentally breaking it if you apply too much effort or your hand slipping into the bowl. Plus, the handle measures 12’’, which is longer than similar products and allows you to reach deeper areas of the bowl without bending too much.

The FYLINA also has metal tweezers concealed in the top of the handle. You can use them for removing debris — for example, hair from the bathtub drain — without having to touch it with your hands.

Finally, the brush holder has a detachable bottom that collects all the liquid as the brush dries and creates a more sanitary experience.


  • Easily cleans hard-to-reach areas without scratching the bowl
  • Includes tweezers for sanitary debris removal
  • The bottom of the holder collects any residual water droplets and prevents odors


  • Isn’t wall-mounted
  • The metal handle might be prone to rust

Best Toilet Brush for Deep Cleaning 

Marbrasse Slim Compact Toilet Brush

  • convenient hemispherical design and curved bar easily reach under the rim;
  • non-slip handle;
  • soft and hard bristles combo ensures deeper cleaning;
  • holder with a removable bottom tray collects residual water;
  • can be hanged on the wall due to the hole in the handle.
Marbrasse Slim Compact Toilet Brush

The Marbrasse traditional bristle brush earned its best toilet brush title thanks to the design. It has a curved handle and hemispherical shape that allow it to easily clean under the bowl rim and inside the trapway without you having to bend too much.

Also, the Marbrasse combines hard and soft bristles for the more efficient and thorough dirt removal. It can scrape even the old dirt without scratching the glaze and makes cleaning an easy chore.

The brush comes with an ergonomic holder that stores it in a slightly elevated position, so the water can drip down and evaporate. Plus, the holder has a removable tray that collects the droplets and is easy to clean and disinfect.


  • Ergonomic design for easy under-the-rim cleaning
  • Comfortable to use thanks to a lightweight and non-slip handle
  • Soft and hard bristles make a pretty efficient combo for cleaning


  • Isn’t easy to clean, unlike silicone brushes
  • The holder is a bit unstable

Best Compact Toilet Brush 

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Brush

  • a convenient design for cleaning small toilet bowls;
  • handle shape ensures a comfortable grip;
  • the brush head is replaceable;
  • soft and hard bristles for the more thorough cleaning;
  • holder with a detachable bottom tray and ventilated design.
OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Brush

If you prefer traditional bristle brushes to silicone ones, check out this great pick by OXO Good Grips. Aside from great cleaning properties, we included it in our toilet brush review for its compact design, which allows you easily clean even the smallest toilets.

This toilet brush features soft and hard bristles to ensure thorough cleaning under the bowl. Plus, its small brush head allows you to get deeper into the trapway and remove all the waste.

Moreover, the brush head is replaceable, so you can purchase another one and switch between them, which will prolong the lifespan of the brush.

The OXO comes with a standing holder, which keeps the brush slightly elevated above the bottom, so the water can drip down. Then, you can remove the bottom tray for cleaning, which makes the storage much more hygienic.


  • Compact design fits literally anywhere
  • Replaceable brush heads create a more hygienic experience
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold


  • The waste can stick to the bristles
  • The bottom tray may accidentally leak

Best Natural Toilet Brush 

Dirk Natural Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush

  • 100% natural and biodegradable;
  • 15’’ non-slip rubberwood handle;
  • ergonomic brush head design reaches deep under the bowl rim;
  • comes with a sticky metal hook to hand it on the wall;
  • made to last.
Dirk Natural Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush

And the final pick for our selection of the best toilet brushes is a completely organic option by Dirk. This is a coconut fiber brush that cleans the toilet just as effectively as plastic bristle brushes, but also doesn’t harm the planet, because it’s 100% biodegradable! It even comes in a replacement bag made of cornstarch!

So, the Dirk toilet brush head has an ergonomic curved shape designed to fit deep under the bowl rim and clean everything. It performs pretty well: coconut fibers are more gentle than plastic, and they can soak up water and then use it for more efficient waste removal.

Note that the brush may tint the water brown: that’s because the pigment in the coconut fibers may wash out when it gets in the contact with the cleaning solution.

The handle is made of lightweight rubberwood and is pretty comfortable to hold. Plus, the brush has a cotton string loop, so you can hang it on the hook when not in use.


  • Natural option, which delivers the same amount of cleaning as synthetic brushes
  • The curved shape perfectly fits under the bowl and removes waste
  • Coconut fibers won’t scratch the bowl glaze, unlike plastic


  • There’s no holder, so you need to invent something
  • Needs to dry out completely before storage; otherwise, it’ll rot

Checks to Make Before Shopping for a Toilet Brush

Handle Length

The average toilet width is about 20 inches (2), however, the inner width of the bowl can be about 14-16 inches. The length of a toilet brush needs to be a little longer than the inner bowl dimension, so you can clean the toilet without touching the bowl.

So make sure to choose toilet brushes that are 14-16 inches long, including the length of the brush head. They are the most convenient for cleaning deep under the bowl rim, where all the grime tends to build up.

Handle Materials

Sometimes cleaning can get a bit intense, so your toilet brush handle should be able to withstand these efforts. A metal handle with a non-slip coating is the best choice, but if you need more flexibility, you can choose a sturdy plastic with a curved handle that can reach deep crevices.

Another good option is wood or bamboo, but it’s more common in eco-friendly brands. Wooden handles are sturdy and require a little maintenance, plus, you can compost or recycle them once your brush gets old.

Proper Holder

Hygiene remains a major concern with toilet brushes, and can even make some people ditch them altogether (3). 

The most comfortable environment for bacteria is warm and moist, and all you need to do is to avoid that for your toilet brush. One of the ways to do that is a proper holder or toilet brush caddy.

Most brushes come with a holder, but the following things define a good one:

  • Ventilated design. Perforations in the walls help water evaporate from the brush and contribute to quick drying.
  • Detachable tray. This tray will collect excess water — which is especially a thing with bristle brushes — and then you can remove the tray, discard the water, and disinfect it.
  • Elevated storage. Some caddies have a designed slot in the upper part, where you can stick the handle so that it will keep the brush in an elevated position. This allows the water to drip down from the brush and promotes air circulation, which helps it fry faster.

Replaceable Heads

Another way to maintain hygiene for bristle brushes is to purchase the model with replaceable heads. After you clean the toilet, you can just remove the head and replace it with the new one, dry and clean, and then put the brush into storage.


Disinfect your toilet brush after each use. For silicone brushes, you can use regular toilet cleaners or boiling water. For bristle brush, use Clorox solution or soak it in the water and vinegar mixture for a night, and then allow to dry completely before putting it away.

You can use a wiping cloth and different cleaners, but this is way less hygienic than using a toilet brush, even if you wear gloves. Another way is to use a green scrubber, which is a sponge soaked with the cleaner.

This depends on the material. Silicone brushes can last you 6-12 months with proper care and disinfection. Bristle brushes need replacement every three months or earlier if they develop dark spots or discoloration.

Yes, especially the bristle brush. The bristles may flatten over time, and you may start to scrape the bowl with the handle itself. That’s why it’s important to replace the brush regularly. Silicone and natural brushes are more gentle, but you still have to keep an eye on them to prevent scratches.

You can soak the brush in a disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, rinse the brush with the hot water and repeat the cycle if brown spots remain.

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