Best Toilet Seats: Top Picks and Buying Guide

Best Toilet Seats: Top Picks and Buying Guide

Kohler is one of the most well-known toilet manufacturers around the world, not only in the US. The brand has a long-time history and is constantly changing to meet the industry expectations and the demands of the pickiest users.

It’s hard to imagine a toilet without a seat on. This small addition makes your commode look feel much more comfortable.

But how do you choose the best toilet seat for your bathroom?

Stay with us and thoroughly read this guide, and you will find all the answers!

Quick Picks

Best Overall

2nd Best — Elongated Toilet Seat

3rd Best — Stain-Resistant Toilet Seat

Himimi Toilet SeatBEMIS 1500EC 390 Toilet SeatDelta Faucet 810903-WH Morgan Toilet Seat
360-degree adjustable lid hinge;soft-close design universal fit;made from eco-friendly materials no-slip rubber bumpers;loose-proof installation

Different Shapes of Toilet Seats

The shape of a toilet seat is the first factor you notice before even digging into other details. At home, we mostly use elongated or round toilet seats, depending on our toilet bowl shape, but there are a couple more types that you should know about.

U-Shaped Toilet Seat

Also known as the “horseshoe seat” or “open front seat”, these seats are frequently used in public bathrooms.

There are several reasons for that:

  • U-shaped seats use less material, and hence, they are cheaper;
  • they are easier to clean;
  • they prevent genital contact with the front of the seat, which might be uncomfortable for some people, who happen to use a public restroom.

However, you can use a horseshoe toilet seat at home as well, especially if you have an older relative. That’s because the shape of the seat allows users — particularly females — to wipe the perineal area without standing up (1). So if you have someone with bad knees or mobility issues, you can install the U-shaped seat in their bathroom.

Elevated Toilet Seat

The standard toilet seat height varies between 0.75—1.5 inches. But if you or someone in your family have mobility issues or knee problems, you might want to raise the height of the toilet and this is where elevated seats come in handy.

Elevated seats can add 2—6 inches to your toilet height and make it more comfortable to sit and stand up for older or less mobile family members. They are made of hard plastic and can have a frame around, so the person can use their upper body strength to lift themselves.

Our 5 Best Toilet Seats

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Himimi Toilet Seat

  • built-in soft-close system;
  • 360-degree adjustable hinge for easy lid positioning;
  • suitable for most standard elongated toilets;
  • made of hard stain-resistant plastic;
  • 440 lbs weight capacity.
Himimi Toilet Seat

If you need the best toilet seat on the market, you should definitely pay attention to the Himimi. It’s a polypropylene seat with a soft-close technology that fits most elongated toilets and is incredibly easy to install and maintain.

Polypropylene plastic that is used for making the seat, is incredibly durable, repels stains, and doesn’t turn yellow over time. Plus, the seat has an impressive weight limit and can hold up to 440 lbs without cracking.

Good news for those who have kids or are sensitive to sounds: the Himimi is equipped with a soft-close system. It eliminats the annoying slamming and prolongs the lifespan of the seat by making it less likely to crack.


  • Made of durable plastic that can withstand large weight;
  • Stain-resistant finish;
  • Quiet design.


  • The soft-close hinges might loosen over time;
  • Some users report missing parts.

Best Elongated Toilet Seat

BEMIS 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat

  • fits the majority of elongated toilets on the market;
  • durable and corrosion-resistant hardware;
  • made of enameled wood, which is more eco-friendly than plastic;
  • quick release hinges for easy clean-up;
  • available in 10 colors.
BEMIS 1500EC 390 Toilet Seat

Choosing the seat for an elongated toilet can be pretty challenging because there are so many options! But we included the 1500EC by BEMIS in our review of toilet seats because of the combo of durability, comfort, and low maintenance. Plus, the seat comes in an impressive color palette, and you can easily match it with any commode.

The BEMIS fits most residential toilets, including those produced by Kohler, American Standard, and other major manufacturers. It measures 18.78’’ from the center of the mounting bolt to the opposite edge, and is 14.1’’ wide, so be sure that your toilet bowl meets these dimensions.

Also, the BEMIS seat is pretty durable. It’s made of enameled wood with a glossy finish that repels stains and is easy to clean and has plastic hinges with a twist-and-lock mechanism for easy removal.


  • Universal fit for the majority of elongated toilets;
  • Enameled wood is resistant to cracks and stains;
  • Easy to remove for cleaning.


  • Doesn’t have a soft close mechanism;
  • Installation instructions aren’t included.

Best Stain-Resistant Toilet Seat 

Delta Faucet 810903-WH Morgan Toilet Seat

  • polypropylene plastic that resists stains, chipping, and yellow marks;
  • rubber non-slip bumpers keep the seat secured;
  • available in elongated and round options;
  • soft-close design;
  • includes all the mounting hardware.
Delta Faucet 810903-WH Morgan Toilet Seat

The Morgan by Delta Faucet is the perfect toilet seat thanks to its smooth polypropylene plastic. It easily repels stains, resists scratches, and won’t turn yellow over time. Plus, you will spend much less time cleaning it thanks to quick-release plastic hinges.

Also, the Morgan tightly aligns with your toilet bowl thanks to the rubber non-slip bumpers. They ensure close conforming and prevent the seat from moving around, which increases comfort. Another comfortable thing about this toilet seat is its soft-close design, which makes the overall experience even more pleasing.

The installation process is also pretty straightforward. The set includes all the needed hardware and the comprehensive manual, so the assembly itself won’t take long.


  • Repels stains and scratches, thus minimizing the time spent on cleaning;
  • Stays in place thanks to no-slip bumpers;
  • Fast and secure installation.


  • Might start to squeak over time;
  • The hole in the seat might be too small for some.

Best Round Toilet Seat 

Mayfair 844CP 000 Edgewater Toilet Seat 

  • universal fit for most round toilets;
  • durable chrome hinges;
  • stain-resistant and long-lasting enameled wood;
  • STA-TITE seat fastening system prevents loosening and wiggling;
  • needs only a wrench for installation.
Mayfair 844CP 000 Edgewater Toilet Seat

The next pick for our toilet seat review is the Edgewater round seat by Mayfair. It fits most round toilets, including those by major brands, is easy to install, and has a couple more features we’d like to talk about in-depth.

First, the Edgewater is made of sturdy molded enameled wood that is immune to cracks and chipping and ensures comfortable use. Along with that, a glossy enamel finish repels the stains and scratched and keeps the color even.

Also, the seat features durable chrome hinges that are resistant to corrosion and won’t loosen over time, ensuring a wobble-free fit and capable of withstanding years of use. Plus, it features a patented STA-TITE fastening system that prevents loosening of the hinges and keeps the seat tight.


  • Molded wood and chrome hinges ensure longevity
  • Fits the majority of standard round toilets
  • Doesn’t wiggle or loosens over time


  • Sometimes the seat and the lid fuse together, so you might need an effort to lift the lid
  • Isn’t soft-close

Best Ergonomic Toilet Seat 

KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Toilet Seat

  • properly fitted elongated design that suits most toilets;
  • Quiet-Close system;
  • Grip tight bumpers prevent wiggling;
  • Quick-release hinges for easy cleaning;
  • made of stain-resistant polypropylene.
KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Toilet Seat

And the final pick for this list of the best toilet seats is the Cachet by Kohler. This elongated seat is compatible with the vast majority of commodes alongside Kohler and features a convenient design that attributes to comfortable use.

First, the seat is stable and won’t wobble under your weight, thanks to the tight-grip bumpers on the inner side. Second, it’s made of durable polypropylene plastic which is resistant to stains, scratches, and chipping, and will serve you for years. Finally, the seat features soft-close and quick-release systems that ensure quiet use and easy removal for cleaning.

The elongated design with a soft curve provides extra space and doesn’t make sitting on the toilet uncomfortable by relieving pressure points.


  • Ergonomic design that relieves pressure points and provides a comfortable experience
  • Improved stability thanks to anti-slip bumpers
  • Easy to install and remove thanks to quick-release latches


  • The hinges might loosen over time
  • Might be uncomfortable for obese people

What to Look For in a Good Toilet Seat?


Most toilet seats are made from wood, plastic, or composite materials, and there are a few pros and cons for each.

  • Wood. Natural wood toilet seats are really sturdy, immune to cracks, and can last long with proper care. Also, they naturally feel warmer than plastic or composite seats. However, natural wood can crook or bend in a wet environment and requires gentle cleaners that won’t damage the fibers (2). 
  • Plastic. Plastic is the most common choice for toilet seats. Today manufacturers favor high-impact polypropylene plastic because it’s resistant to stains, goes well with most cleaners, and can hold significant weight — up to 400 lbs — without cracks. The problem with plastic seats, though, is that they frequently come with plastic hinges, and those are made of cheaper plastic and can break down faster.
  • Composite materials. These are known under the name “molded wood” or “polyresin” and are made of particleboard glued with plastic or epoxy wood, respectively. These seats are more lightweight than polypropylene or solid wood and come in a variety of colors and designs.

Soft Close Mechanism

Nothing is more annoying than the slamming sound of a toilet seat.

To prevent this, modern manufacturers equip their seats with a soft-close mechanism, which is basically a couple of hard springs that make the opening and closing of the toilet seat smoother. 

Soft-close mechanism is essential for homes with kids or people who are sensitive to sounds.

Quick Release Hinges

Every toilet seat is mounted on the bowl with bolts, but some models have a special quick-release mechanism that allows you to remove the seat for cleaning without disassembling it. Seats with a quick-release mechanism contribute to a more thorough toilet bowl cleaning and are easier to maintain than secured seats.

Anti-Slip Bumpers

A wobbly toilet seat is uncomfortable and can even be dangerous, especially for kids or those who have some mobility issues.

If this sounds like your home, choose a toilet seat with anti-slip bumpers. These are pieces of hard rubber attached to the inner side of the toilet seat. They stick to the toilet bowl rim and ensure a tight grip without wobbling or moving from side to side.


Obviously, your toilet seat should fit your toilet bowl. But if you have to replace it, how do you find a proper measurement?

Well, you can use our guide:

  • Width: measure across the widest point of your bowl. If you aren’t sure, you can take 2-3 measurements and go with the average number;
  • Length: measure the distance from between the fixing holes to the very end of the bowl;
  • Height: add from ¾’’ to 1.5’’ to the height of the bowl. For an elevated seat, add from 2 to 6 inches to the bowl height, depending on your needs.

Also, measure the distance between the fixing holes and write it down because this measurement might differ in different manufacturers.


Toilet seats usually last for 4-5 years, so, aside from obvious reasons such as cracking or loosening, here’s how often you should upgrade them.

Seniors and disabled users should toilet that comply with the Americans with the Disabilities Act (ADA). According to ADA, a residential toilet seat should be between 17 and 19 inches high. So, you might need a toilet seat that can meet these requirements when placed on the bowl. In some cases, this means that you need to install an elevated seat.

For a plastic seat, you can use standard toilet cleaners, they all work fine. If you have a wooden seat, use something gentle such as baking soda and vinegar mixture or chlorine-free cleaners.

No, there’s no standard fit for a toilet seat because they come in different shapes and styles. That’s why it’s important to measure the distance between the mounting holes before you buy a new seat.

The easiest method is to check the mounting bolts and nuts and tighten them up if they loosened. This solves the problem in most cases. If that didn’t help, you might look for a new toilet seat with anti-slip bumpers that will additionally secure it on the bowl.

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