Best TOTO Toilets — Reviews & Buying Guide

Best TOTO Toilets — Reviews & Buying Guide

TOTO is a Japanese manufacturer of sanitary fixtures and bathroom necessities. They aim at solving the most common user complaints about toilets and make them comfortable, easy to use, affordable, and reliable.

So, how do they live up to that expectation?

We reviewed the best TOTO toilets and already have the answer, so if you’re interested, be sure to read right below!

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Editor’s Choice

2nd Best Choice — Best Toilet & Bidet Combo

3rd Best Choice — Best for Quiet Operation

TOTO CST243EF EntradaTOTO Washlet MS920CEMFGTOTO MS854114E Eco Ultramax
  • The gravity flush system operates quietly;
  • Standard seat height suitable for most users
  • Dual-flush toilet with Tornado Flush technology;
  • larger trapway diameter prevents any chances of clogging
  • Operates quietly;
  • An eco-friendly option with powerful flushing

What’s So Unique About TOTO Toilets?

TOTO Toilets


Before we review TOTO toilets in details, allow us to give you an impression about the brand’s model lineup, so you can see how we’ve chosen the items for this guide.

So, TOTO offers you single-piece and two-piece units in the following series:

  • Drake. A brand’s bestseller, which uses an E-max flushing system and 3-inch wide valve for better efficiency. It can be a single-flush (1-gallon or 1.28-gallon) or dual-flush (0.8/1.28-gallon) unit.
  • Carlyle. A one-piece unit with an elongated bowl, Carlyle utilizes a Tornado flush system and is covered with a CEFIONTECT protective glaze that speeds up the flow and ensures optimal waste passage. Carlyle is a single-flush toilet, and you can count on 1GPF or 1.28GPF options.
  • Aquia. This series includes one-piece toilets with a concealed trapway design, which makes them easier to clean. Aquia is a dual-flush toilet (0.9/1.6 GPF) and will help you reduce your water consumption.
  • Vespin. Another option in the high-efficiency segment, the Vespin series utilizes a Cyclone flushing system and has a SanaGloss coating on the bowl and inside the trapway to prevent clogs and ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Eco Ultramax. The latest line of the TOTO toilets with the various options, including compact, elongated, and round units. Eco Ultramax units are ADA and EPA compliant and ensure effective water consumption with the patented Eco Ultramax flushing system.

Aside from that, TOTO is really famous for its so-called ‘smart toilets’ or toilets with integrated bidet seats. These are the models that can spare you from touching the toilet with your hands before, during, or after the process.

In the TOTO’s lineup, those smart toilets are represented by the NeoRest series, and the name speaks for itself. NeoRest toilets have a lot of features:

  • heated seat;
  • front and read cleanse for making hygienic procedures easier;
  • auto-flushing;
  • the lid with a motion sensor that opens and closes automatically;
  • PreMist technology that sprays the bowl with water before you sit on it, to prevent the gunk from sticking to it and ensure more efficient flushing;
  • air dryer function;
  • deodorized, etc.

As you can see, with NeoRest toilets you might feel like you really don’t need to touch your toilet or use toilet paper.

Another option is the Washlet or Washlet+ smart bidet seats. These are for those who want a more budget-friendly version of the NeoRest.

Washlet comes in three models that differ by features:

  • A100 is the standard option and  includes a self-cleaning wand, heated seat, front & rear cleansing, and soft-close lid;
  • C200 features PreMist technology, air dryer, and deodorizer, plus the standard features of A100;
  • K300 adds a deodorized and on-demand water heating to the standard configuration.

Washlet Plus has the same features and a design that conceals the water supply connection for a cleaner look.

Regarding the price, Washlet bidet seats are way cheaper than NeoRest systems:

NeoRest can vary in price between $3,5000 and $7,000, whereas Washlet and Washlet plus average price points are about $1,500-$2,500.

Also, Washlet can fit almost any toilet unit, unlike NeoRest that comes already integrated into a toilet and has non-conventional dimensions.

4 Best TOTO Toilets

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

TOTO CST243EF Entrada
  • E-max 1.28-gallon flushing system with a 3-inch wide valve and large trapway creates a powerful stream;
  • a 17-inch seat makes it suitable for any user from child to senior;
  • certified by WaterSense and CALGreen, which proves its high-efficiency;
  • extra large siphon jet locks all the odors;
  • gravity flush system for a quiet operation.
TOTO CST243EF Entrada

According to user feedback and our research, Entrada is one of the best TOTO toilets because it features a powerful E-max flushing system, meets various regulations on water conservation, and has a round compact bowl that can fit smaller spaces without losing its comfort.

The Entrada design ensures that the waste is eliminated quickly and easily with the wider trapway and the siphon jet technology that holds extra water and helps prevent clogs. Plus, the siphon also acts as a lock for bad odors, so your bathroom will always smell fresh.

Also, the toilet is compliant with ADA, which means that it feels comfortable not only for average users but for seniors and children as well.

Finally, all TOTO toilets feature a lubricating coat on the bowl that prevents the junk from adhering and saves cleaning time.


  • Water-saving flush system
  • Keeps the odors away thanks to a siphon jet
  • Universal height suits most individuals


  • The seat is purchased separately
  • The trapway crevices are exposed, which might be more difficult to clean
  • combines all the features of Washlet smart toilet seat and the toilet with a patented Tornado Flush technology;
  • a bowl with lubricating CEFIONTECT glaze and PreMist technology prevents any waste from adhering;
  • heated seat with the lid that opens and closes automatically;
  • a wider trapway eliminates the junk efficiently without clogs;
TOTO MS920CEMFG Washlet with Integrated Toilet

You’ve probably heard about so-called ‘smart toilets’, but have you actually tried one? TOTO offers a broad variety of high-tech units for every budget, but the one we’ve included in our TOTO toilets review is the Washlet. It’s a smart toilet seat with functions like bidet, heating, PreMist, and deodorizer, but the model we offer to you also includes a dual-flush toilet. So, let’s talk about it.

The toilet features a dual-flush technology with 0.9 gallons for partial flush and 1.28 gallons for a full flush. It meets the WaterSense regulations and can improve your water consumption by saving up to 20% per year.

Also, the toilet features a wider 2-¾-inch trapway that flushes the waste more efficiently, which helps prevent clogs and overflow, and maintains a cleaner look. Plus, the bowl is coated in a CEFIONTECT glaze that acts like lube and, when paired with a PreMist technology, doesn’t leave the chance for the waste to adhere to it.


  • A broad variety of features for a full-circle hygienic procedure
  • Highly efficient toilet with a powerful tornado flush that requires less water than other models
  • Easy to clean thanks to a simple design with minimum crevices


  • Ridiculously overpriced, considering that you mostly pay for the Washlet seat
  • Might add some bucks to your electric bill

Best for Quiet Operation

TOTO MS854114E Eco Ultramax
  • a quiet 1.28-gallon gravity flush;
  • a large 2-⅛ trapway optimizes waste passage;
  • seat with a SoftClose hinge system that adds to a noiseless operation;
  • easy to clean bowl with a lubricating glaze;
  • minimalistic one-piece design.
TOTO MS854114E Eco Ultramax

Eco Ultramax is probably the most well-known series produced by TOTO, so we should have included it in our selection of the best TOTO toilets. This one-piece packs a patented E-max flushing system that uses only 1.28 gallons and is compliant with major water conservation regulations. Plus, it’s incredibly quiet thanks to a soft-close lid and the gravity-assisted flush that doesn’t produce any noises.

The Ultramax model has a slightly wider 2-⅛ trapway, that makes the waste to pass through faster and prevents clogging. Also, the toilet features a siphon jet technology that holds some amount of water and then uses it to improve flushing. Another function of the siphon is locking away bad odors, which also makes the experience more pleasing.

Gravity-assisted toilets are well-known for their quiet operation, and the Eco Ultramax is no exception. Plus, it comes with a soft-close lid that makes almost no sound and.

Finally, you won’t have any problems with installing the TOTO Ultramax toilet both because it’s a one-piece unit and because all the needed hardware is already in the package.


  • An eco-friendly option that reduces water usage by up to 20% per year
  • Siphon jet and a wide trapway make the flushing fast and effective
  • Operates quieter than pressure-assisted flushing toilets


  • One-piece units might be heavy to lift and transport
  • The hinges on the soft-close seat might weaken pretty fast

What makes a good TOTO toilet?

Now, let’s summarize the main features of the TOTO toilets so that you know how to navigate between them and will make a well-informed choice.

Flushing system

TOTO has several patented flushing systems, and they all, although being compliant with the standards like WaterSense or CALGreen, may vary in configuration. The most common flushing systems in modern TOTO toilets are:

  • E-max: a single-flush, gravity-assisted system that uses 1.28 gallons per flush;
  • G-max: these models utilize 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and have a fully-glazed trapway and a siphon jet action, which creates a powerful stream when combined.
  • Ultramax: this model uses 1.28 gallons per flush and has a 2-⅛ glazed trapway.
  • Dual-Max: this option is available for dual-flush TOTO toilets and allows you to choose between 1.6 and 0.9 gallons per flush, depending on your needs.
  • 3D Tornado: the latest flushing system presented in TOTO toilets. It allows the water to enter the bowl via three separate jets placed in the rim crease. The water then creates a tornado-like swirl and removes all the waste from the bowl. TOTO toilets with a tornado system can be both single-flush 1.28-gallon options and dual-flush 0.9/1.28 or 0.9/1.6 options. TOTO states that toilets with this flushing system and 1.28GPF water consumption can save you up to 35% of water per year (1).

Self-cleaning bowl

Another worthy feature of the TOTO toilets is their self-cleaning bowls. They have an extra smooth glaze coating that prevents the waste from adhering to it and ensures a clean flush. Some units also have their trapway coated with the same glaze to ensure a quick waste passage and prevent clogs.

Chrome Fixtures

TOTO uses chrome for their trip levers, flush actuators, taps, and showers. Chrome is advisable for sanitary fixtures because it’s easier to clean, and it’s more durable and corrosion-resistant, especially when it comes to environments with moisture and bacteria exposure.


TOTO toilets come in various shapes and sizes.

Most models have two height options:

  • Standard Height, with seats that are 15 inches high;
  • Comfort Height with higher seats (17-19 inches) that seem to be more comfortable among house owners. Plus, these units are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA), so you can use them if you live with an elderly relative.


Toto meets the EPA WaterSense guidelines (2). This means that TOTO toilets are considered eco-friendly and will help you decrease water use in your household.


Both brands are luxurious and reliable. But when compared, Kohler standard units tend to feel more comfortable, according to user’s feedback. More about advantages of Kohler’s pressure-assisted toilets you can red in (3). However, if you’re in the market for fancy features and new technologies, then TOTO is unbeatable.

American Standard is a more budget-friendly brand, which, nevertheless, has some decent models in different form-factors. However, if you need a durable and quality-made toilet, it’s better to go for TOTO.

Users report that TOTO toilets appear to be pretty resistant to clogging since they have wide and glazed trapway combined with a siphon jet action that optimizes the waste passage. However, no toilet is completely immune to clogging, some just do it more rarely.

Yes, some TOTO units are designed to fit guest or small bathrooms. These include, for example, the whole Drake lineup, or certain models in Aquia IV series. Or, you can count on the Entrada model we’ve reviewed here: it’s only 26 inches long and 15 inches wide, so it won’t take up too much space.

Yes, different Washlets can fit different Kohler toilets. The main measurement to look for is the distance between the center of the mounting holes and the front-most surface of the tank (the one that you may lean your back on): it should be 1-¾’’ (45 mm) or more for a Washlet to fit perfectly.

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