Best Wall-Mounted Toilet: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Wall-Mounted Toilet: Reviews and Buying Guide

Current trends in interior design indicate the reign of simple and minimalist solutions and lightweight interiors.

Bathrooms aren’t an exception and if you want to add some light and modern features into your home, you can start by choosing a wall-mounted toilet.

And we can help you with that!

Below, you will find our best wall-mounted toilet reviews and some insightful information that will help you pick the right unit for your needs.

Quick Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best Choice — Wall-Hung Toilet for Tall People

3rd Best Choice — No-Clog Wall-Mounted Toilet

KOHLER K-6299-0 VeilHomary Wall Hung ToiletFine Fixtures Dakota
  • saves up to 12’’ of floor space;
  • 0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF flush
  • bowl height can be adjusted from 15’’ to 28.5’’
  • seamless and easy to clean design
  • powerful vortex flush prevents clogs;
  • operates quietly

Wall-Hung Toilets: Pros and Cons

Wall-mounted toilets first appeared in Europe and then traveled to the US and became increasingly popular.

The reason for that lies in the unique features of these units, such as:

  • Space-saving and lightweight design. A wall-hung toilet leaves visible only one piece, the bowl. Not only this creates a strikingly minimalist look, but it also can save a decent amount of floor space — in some cases, up to 12 inches. A perfect solution for those who have smaller bathrooms. 
  • Adjustable height. The wall-hung toilet is mounted onto a carrying system. This system has brackets that secure the toilet in place once it’s installed, but you can adjust the height during the installation, so it will suit your needs (1). This frees you from the exhausting search for the ADA compliant or a comfort height commode.
  • Ease of maintenance. If the toilet is mounted properly, all you need to do is to clean it from time to time. And the simple design contributes to more quick and easy cleaning. Plus, certain models feature removable side panels that ensure easy access to plumbing in the case of an emergency.
  • Quiet operation. The toilet tank is concealed behind the drywall, which means that you won’t hear the flushing and can enjoy the quiet household. Wall-mounted toilets are among the quietest units and make a perfect pick for homes with kids or sound-sensitive adults.

These advantages are so overpowering that people agree to deal with certain weak points:

  • Cost. Wall-hung toilets cost significantly more than standard units. Aside from the bowl, you need to purchase the concealed tank, the flush actuator, and the carrying frame. Plus, you might require a professional plumbing service to install the toilet properly.
  • Installation difficulties. To install a wall-mounted toilet, you need to reroute the pipe into the wall, built a stud wall and secure the carrier, and patch the hole on the floor with new tiles. Aside from being resourceful, these steps may require professional help, which adds to the price. That’s why some people prefer to install wall-mounted toilets into new houses, instead of using them during the renovation.

Our 5 Best Wall-Mounted Toilets

Editor’s Choice

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil
  • powerful dual flush (0.8 GPF/1.6 GPF);
  • saves up to 12’’ of floor space compared to other Kohler units;
  • steel brackets on the frame allow to adjust the comfort height;
  • includes a tight grip Q3 seat;
  • available in 5 colors: White, Almond, Dune, Biscuit, and Black.
KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil

The Veil by Kohler is undeniably one of the best wall-mounted toilets on the market. It’s a great pick for any bathroom, as it saves up to 12’’ of the floor space and features a compact elongated bowl that occupies the same space as a standard round bowl without sacrificing comfort.

The dual flush system is pretty efficient: it needs 0.8 gallons per flush for liquids and 1.6 gallons per flush for solids, which meets the current standards. Also, the bowl has a siphon jet, which prevents bad odors from getting into the bathroom and makes the flush even more efficient.

During the installation process, you can adjust the height of the Veil to your needs (up to 28 inches high!). So, if you have elderly or handicapped family members or kids, this toilet might make a perfect choice in your home.


  • A perfect space-saving toilet that takes up to 12’’ less space than a standard floor-mounted unit
  • A dual flush system helps you control water consumption
  • Adjustable height makes the toilet suitable for everyone, including taller users


  • Low water line in the toilet may require cleaning more frequently
  • Side panels that conceal the trapway are secured by Velcro tape and fall off easily

Best Wall-Hung Toilet for Tall People

Homary Wall Hung Toilet (Bowl and Tank)
  • the height can be adjusted up to 28 inches;
  • elongated bowl for improved comfort;
  • powerful dual gravity flush (1.1 GPF/ 1.6 GPF);
  • comes with a soft close seat;
  • 550 lbs weight limit.
Homary Wall Hung Toilet

The next pick for our selection of the wall-hung toilets is the Homary unit, and it will certainly be your go-to option if you need a commode for a tall or large person. That’s because the Homary has a 550 lbs weight limit and the carrier system allows you to adjust the height up to 28.5 inches from the floor to the bowl rim!

Aside from that, the Homary is compliant with current water conservation standards. It features a dual flush system and uses 1.6 GPF for solids, and 1.1 GPF for liquids, which makes it highly efficient. Plus, the bowl design creates a strong cyclonic flow that removes all the waste and keeps it clean.

The toilet comes with a 2×6 stud steel mounting frame and all hardware that you might need, so you can try to install it by yourself. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get an efficient and quiet commode that requires little to no maintenance and is easy to use by all family members, including those with special needs.


  • Can be easily adjusted to suit tall or elderly people
  • Unlike most wall-hung toilets, this one includes a carrying system in the purchase
  • Easy to maintain once installed


  • The installation requires time and skills
  • The flush is so powerful it might occasionally splash you

Best No-Clog Wall-Mounted Toilet

Fine Fixtures Dakota
  • StormOn flushing technology and wide trapway removes waste and prevents clogging;
  • adjustable 3.5’’ height gap on the carrying frame;
  • includes a soft close seat with modern design;
  • comes with all the mounting hardware;
  • available in White and Black.
Fine Fixtures Dakota

The Dakota by Fine Fixtures has earned its place on the list of the best wall mounted toilets thanks to its clog-free construction. The toilet features a wide and fully glazed trapway that is perfect for bulk waste removal!

Also, the unit has a proprietary StormOn flush that creates a powerful vortex using 1.6 gallons per flush — or 1.1 gallons for liquids. This flush scrubs the bowl and keeps it clean for longer so that you won’t have to use the toilet brush every time.

The unit measures 14.3’’ high, but its design allows you to adjust the height on the carrying frame up to 3.5 inches. So, if you need a chair height or ADA compliant unit for your home, you can achieve that with the Dakota.


  • Easily removes bulk waste thanks to a wide trapway and powerful flush
  • Water-efficient dual flush controls water consumption
  • The seamless design is easy to clean


  • Flush actuator and carrying system are sold separately
  • The bowl finish seems not so durable

Quietest Wall-Hung Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-WT442 Concorde
  • high-performance dual flush (0.8 GPF/ 1.28 GPF);
  • compatible with all carrier frames;
  • features a soft close seat;
  • glossy porcelain glaze resistant to stains and scratches;
  • includes all the hardware for installation;
Swiss Madison SM-WT442 Concorde

The Concorde by Swiss Madison fits into our review of the best wall mounted toilets because of its sleek space-saving design and incredibly quiet performance — it’s literally one of the quietest units you can find!

Another great feature of the Concorde is its water-saving gravity flush. For a partial flush, the commode uses 0.8 gallons, and the full flush needs only 1.28 gallons, which meets WaterSense requirements and will save you some money on water bills. 

When combined with the glossy porcelain bowl that efficiently repels stains and waste, the Concord delivers an effective flush without any remaining particles. Top it with a concealed trapway, and you’ll get a toilet that requires only a couple of minutes to clean.


  • Compatible with any carrier frame, which makes the installation easier
  • WaterSense compliant
  • Easy to clean thanks to seamless design and stain-repellent finish


  • It isn’t clear how high is the bowl
  • Spotty customer service

Best Compact Wall-Mounted Toilet

Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450
  • high-performance gravity flush (0.8 GPF/1.28 GPF);
  • adjustable height (15 to 19 inches);
  • space-saving design — only 20.68’’ deep;
  • comfortable oblong bowl;
  • comes with all the mounting bolts and nuts.
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450

Here comes another wall hung toilet by Swiss Madison, this time it’s the Ivy. This unit packs everything: a powerful flush, an adjustable bowl height, an oblong bowl, and two bright colors — without occupying a lot of space. The Ivy measures 20.68’’D x 14.75’’W x 13.37’’H and can easily fit into the tiniest bathroom, or even a half-bathroom!

The unit features a water-efficient dual flush (0.8 gallons for liquids and 1.28 gallons for solids) that effortlessly removes all the waste and keeps the bowl clean. Plus, the bowl itself is covered into a glossy glaze and repels the waste particles, so you can spend more time in between cleanings.

Finally, the Ivy is exceptionally quiet, partly because of the concealed tank but also because of a soft close seat with the lid. The seat eliminates the annoying slamming sound and removes quickly for cleaning thanks to two quick-release latches.


  • Perfect choice for smaller bathrooms or half-bathrooms
  • Water-efficient and powerful flush
  • Operates even quieter than other wall-mounted units


  • The Black bowl is almost two times pricier
  • The concealed tank and actuator are sold separately

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall-Hung Toilet

Bathroom size

Even though a wall-saving toilet has a compact design, the installation work requires a lot of space to move. So, perhaps if your bathroom is ultra-small, a compact floor-mounted toilet might be actually better.

But if you want to renovate your master bathroom or a half-bathroom for guests, the wall-hung toilet will fit right in. Just make sure to leave at least 24’’ of frontal clearance, so you won’t accidentally bump into something.

Water Consumption

An average family spends more than $1,100 in water costs per year (2), but this amount can be easily reduced by choosing water-saving and energy-efficient appliances.

Modern wall-mounted toilets can comply with WaterSense or CALGreen standards and help you save up to 16,500 gallons of water per year! Be sure to choose dual-flush units whenever possible, as they can reduce water consumption even further.

Adjustable Height

Again, this is a default feature in most modern wall-hung units. But it can be implemented in two ways: some toilets allow you to slide the bowl from standard 14-15 inches up to almost 30 inches, whereas the others have only 2-3 inches moving gap. 

Generally, if you look for a toilet that is compliant with ADA or offers more comfort for senior users or people with mobility issues, make sure to choose the model with a sliding bowl and adjust it to your needs.


Technically, a wall-mounted toilet is no bigger or smaller than a standard floor-mounted commode. The trick is in the concealed tank design and removed pedestal, which makes the toilet look smaller. Although some wall-mounted units do save some floor space and require less clearance than standard.

The minimum height for a wall-hung toilet is 14.5’’ from the floor to the bowl rim. However, you can adjust the height during the installation to a standard (15’’), comfort (16’’-21’’), or ADA compliant (17’’-19’’) measurements.

The US ASME National Consensus Standards sets the minimum weight limit for a wall-mounted toiler as 500 lbs. The models we reviewed for this guide have 550 lbs weight capacity on average.

No toilet is immune to clogging, and the wall-hung models are no exception. Generally, they tend to deliver a pretty powerful flush, but if you flush a thick toilet paper or hygiene products, you might obstruct the drain and create a clog.

They are generally more expensive than standard floor-mounted toilets and even pressure-assist toilets, with the average price for the system starting at $400-$500.

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