Best Compact Toilet For Small Bathrooms — Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Compact Toilet For Small Bathrooms — Reviews and Buying Guide

Most master bathrooms in the US have 35-40 square feet of space. However, sometimes you want to renovate your guest bathroom or just live in a small house or apartment.

And you still need a toilet.

Thankfully, you can count on compact toilets that will provide you with a high level of comfort while occupying less space than standard units.

And we’ve made a detailed guide with the four best toilets for small bathrooms, so you can make your choice!

Quick Picks

Editor’s Choice

2nd Best Choice — Best Wall-Mounted Compact Toilet

3rd Best Choice — Best Compact Toilet With Elongated Bowl

Kohler K-5172-96Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony
  • 360-degree powerful flush;
  • 9 colors available
  • minimalistic wall-hung design;
  • the quiet operation
  • 10 and 12-inch rough-in available, as well as 1.28 and 1.6 GPF options;
  • more affordable than others

What is Considered a Compact Toilet?

Before we dive in, let’s define the size difference between a toilet for small spaces and a standard unit.

So, standard toilets fall within the following range of dimensions:

  • depth: 27-30 inches;
  • width: 16-20 inches;
  • height: 27-32 inches;
  • seat height (the distance from the floor to seat): 15-19 inches;

And if that seems like no big deal, add the clearance space. Toilets are considered a sanitary fixture, so to prevent any bacteria from entering your sink or spreading across the bathroom, they should have at least 21’’ of clearance to front obstruction (in small bathrooms) (1). In master bathrooms, this area can be increased to 24’’ or even 30’’.

And the 21’’ clearance with a huge unit in the tiny bathroom may feel pretty cramped.

So, the compact toilets are usually a bit shorter to ensure a minimum 24’’ space. They measure 24-27 inches deep and 15-17 inches wide. The seat height remains the same, and the general height can also fall a few inches short just to look proportional in the small bathroom.

Also, space-saving toilets might have the least available rough-in length, so be sure to check it twice before buying.

4 Best Compact Toilets

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice

Kohler K-5172-96
  • AquaPiston canister valve creates a 360-degree flow from all sides of the bowl;
  • an elongated bowl that takes the same space as round for better fit into a small bathroom;
  • chair-like bowl height is comfortable for all users;
  • sleek one-piece design available in 9 colors;
  • includes the seat and the lid.
Kohler K-5172-96

The K-5172-96 San Souci model by Kohler opens up our review of the best compact toilets. It’s a one-piece unit with a modern design and impressive color palette that varies from White to Thunder Gray and Black. Plus, it’s chair-like height makes it comfortable for users of any age.

The San Souci utilizes a canister valve and AquaPiston flushing technology to create a powerful stream that eliminates any waste. The water flows to the bowl from all sides and removes junk using only 1.28 gallons per flush.

Also, the toilet has an elongated bowl that adds a layer of comfort while being as compact as standard round models with the dimensions of 27.75’’D x 16.38’’W x 25.31’’H. So if you look for a space-saving toilet with an elongated bowl this is the perfect model for you.

Finally, the K-5172-96 comes with a soft-close seat made of plastic that is resistant to bacteria and dirt. It prevents that ‘toilet seat slam’ sound and is incredibly easy to clean.


  • WaterSense certified, can save you up to 16,500 gallons per year without sacrificing performance
  • Comes with all the items needed for installation
  • Comfortable for taller individuals despite being compact


  • Canister flush systems might be noisy
  • Might be heavy to lift, since it’s a one-piece unit

Best Wall-Mounted Compact Toilet

Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450
  • occupies almost no space;
  • quiet operation, since the tank is concealed behind the wall;
  • highly efficient dual-flush system;
  • adjustable height (15-19 inches) to customize it to your preferences;
  • includes all the nuts and bolts for installation.
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450

Another option we invite you to take a look at is the Ivy by Swiss Madison. We placed it in our selection of the best compact toilets for a perfect combo of minimalistic design, low maintenance, and high performance.

So, the most prominent feature that makes the Ivy one of the best toilets for small bathrooms is its design. The tank in wall-mounted toilets is concealed behind the wall, which contributes to a more lightweight and minimal look. Plus, this results in a much quieter operation than in two-piece or one-piece models.

The Ivy utilizes the dual-flush system, with the partial flush using only 0.8 gallons of water, which is less compared to a standard 0.98-gallon partial flush. The full flush requires 1.28 gallons but is as effective as standard 3.6-gallon toilets thanks to a gravity-assisted system and the wide trapway that helps to pass the waste through.

Finally, the toilet includes a soft-close seat made of hard plastic that is resistant to mold, dirt, and bacteria and is compatible with most toilet cleaners, which makes the maintenance even easier.


  • Can fit even into the tiniest bathroom
  • Operates very quietly thanks to the concealed tank
  • Requires minimum time to clean


  • The replaceable parts can be provided by Carrier brands only, which may limit your choice
  • The tank isn’t included in the purchase
  • The bowl is round, not oblong

Best Elongated Compact Toilet

American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony
  • features PowerWash bowl that cleans itself with every flush;
  • available in 1.28 and 1.6-gallon options with 10 or 12-inch rough-in;
  • 1.28 utilizes 20% less water and is compliant with EPA water conservation standards;
  • gravity flush system for quiet operation;
  • elongated bowl for comfortable use.
American Standard 221CB104.020 Colony

If you’ve been told that compact toilets can’t be two-piece, this Colony model by American Standard will prove you wrong. It features an oblong bowl, 10-inch rough-in, and is compliant with ADA, which means that it suits all users, including children and seniors.

The Colony utilizes gravity-assisted flush via the 2-inch flapper valve. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush — although you can purchase a 1.6-gallon option as well — and creates a powerful flow that washes away all the junk. Plus, the PowerWash bowl allows the water to flow from all sides and prevents any waste from sticking to it.

Another great feature of the Colony is its 15-inch seat height. It allows you to use higher seats to create a space-saving toilet with a height that is comfortable for most users. Plus, the oblong shape adds some comfort, too.


  • Comfortable for most users thanks to its oblong bowl and height
  • Since it’s a two-piece model, it’s more affordable
  • Can save you up to 20% per year


  • 2-inch flush valve and 2-inch trapway might result in a slow flush sooner or later
  • The trapway curve is exposed, making it more difficult to clean

Best Dual-Flush Compact Toilet

  • an efficient dual-flush system (0.8GPF for liquid, 1.6GPF for solid);
  • 3-inch flapper valve creates a powerful flush with less water usage;
  • includes a soft-close seat with the lid;
  • the oblong bowl shape adds some room and comfort;
  • contemporary design that can fit in any interior.

Our final contestant on the list of compact toilets is the TB351 model by EAGO. This model with a simple design pack a dual-flush system that will help you save on water consumption and comes with a soft-close seat and all the furniture required for installation! 

TB351 needs only 0.8 gallons for partial flush and 1.6 gallons for a full flush, and it’s certified by WaterSense, which means that it actually saves your money. 

Another feature that makes EAGO one of the best toilets for small bathrooms is that it features a 3-inch flush valve and a wider trapway to prevent clogs and create a more powerful stream with less water.

EAGO is easy to install, since all furniture is included in the purchase, and is easy to maintain as well. The trapway is concealed and the toilet has a pretty simple design without crevices, which makes it easy to clean.


  • Certified by WaterSense and uses less water per flush than other models
  • A wider flush valve and trapway prevent clogging and ensure a fast and powerful flush
  • The trapway curve is concealed, so cleaning will be easier


  • The plastic for the seat seems a bit weak
  • Might operate a bit noisy

Things to Consider When Looking for a Space-Saving Toilet

Bowl Design

Toilets can have a round or an elongated bowl, and while most users think that the latter is better, the round bowl is… well, shorter.

When you fight for every inch of the floor space, toilets with a round bowl are more effective, even though they might feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re tall or overweight. Also, some brands, such as American Standard or Kohler, feature compact models with an oblong bowl in their lineup.

Unit Design

Aside from the bowl shape, you need to consider the whole unit design when it comes to a space-saving toilet. So, let’s take a look at the most common options:

  • One-piece. The bowl and the tank molded together in a single unit is the common option among compact toilets. They occupy less floor space and have a smaller height than standard toilets.
  • Two-piece. Two-piece toilets usually are bulkier than one-piece, however, some modern brands offer compact versions of their standard models, such as the Cadet by American Standard, or some models by Kohler.
  • Wall-mounted. Wall-hung toilets can save you a lot of floor space and make even the smallest bathroom look more spacious. Unfortunately, they require a lot of corresponding work such as reinstalling the sewer pipe and moving the drainage from the floor to the wall, which may cost you a pretty penny and stretch your renovation process in time. 

Flushing System

Modern toilets for small spaces can have either gravity flush or pressure-assisted flush. 

Gravity flush systems are quieter and cheaper and require little to no maintenance except a regular replacement of a flapper valve as it wears out.

Pressure-assisted systems are more powerful and more expensive. Plus, the pressurized air can produce pretty loud noises, so if you share a home with sensitive individuals, it’s better to opt for a gravity flush.


The choice between one form-factor over the other is usually tied to the plumbing location. If the waste hole in your bathroom is located in the corner, you might use a corner compact toilet with a triangle tank. In other cases, a regular toilet is absolutely fine.

ADA compliant toilets should have 17-19’’ seat height (2), so the people with mobility issues, such as bad back or knees, can sit on them freely. As long as the compact toilet meets these requirements, it can be considered ADA compliant. Note, though, that ADA also takes into consideration not only the size of the items but the space between them. So, if you live with a person who uses a wheelchair, it’s probably more advisable to let them use a regular bathroom.

The minimal bowl width should be at least 16-18 inches. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to sit on.

The distance from the wall to the center of your toilet should be 15 inches. Also, a compact toilet requires a 21-24’’ clearance to the nearest front obstruction and the same clearance to another sanitary fixture, such as a shower or a bidet.

Wall-mounted toilets are a good space-saving choice. For example, they can save you up to 10 inches of floor space by concealing the tank into the wall. Plus, they don’t have a rough-in area as such, since they’re mounted into the wall. However, mounting into the wall requires rerouting the sewer pipe, which can be quite a costly procedure.

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Mary O. Frazier

Mary O. Frazier — lead authorof our website,
connoisseur of interior design and plumbing.
I will tell you the most interesting and
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Owner - Mary O. Frazier


Mary O. Frazier

Mary O. Frazier — lead author of our website, connoisseur of interior design and plumbing. I will tell you the most interesting and important facts about household items. She reads a lot, plays chess and collects useful information for you. You can read more about her here.

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