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On August 9, 2021, Toiletio merged with Joseph Toiletries. Toileto’s team is pretty excited to start working with a new partner, and Joseph Toiletries will now receive a bigger platform for advertising their products. 

Toiletio is a website that makes reviews, guides, and gives helpful tips on how to choose the best toilet, bidet, pair them with suitable bathroom accessories, or where to find quality replacement parts. The team conducts a lot of research and backs it up with user reviews to help you find the best toilets on the market. Or, they can gladly help you choose more specific products, such as toilets for RV, toilets with a strong flush, or toilets that don’t clog

Joseph Toiletries is a small company that makes eco-friendly toilet paper and water-based bottom wash. The company claims that they ‘reinvented the toilet paper’ allowing it to deliver the deep cleaning and minimal harm to the planet. 

The company makes natural cellulose wipes that work as a great replacement for toilet paper, as well as water-based bottom wash that soothes possible irritations and contains no preservative or perfumes. Both products are dissolvable in water and don’t clog your drain. 

The outlook of this merger seems to be pleasant for both. Toiletio is a well-reputable company, so Joseph Toiletries will get more visibility and purchases for its product. As for the Toiletio, merging helps it build a network of reliable businesses and offer a better choice of products for the customers.

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